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Public Address Announcing Game Package:

Full Game Hours/Baseball Stadium Clean Music
One Public Address Announcer (Steve Eicher)
One Full Premium Stadium Sound System with 2 Speakers
Walk Up Music/Songs for All Batter's (One Song Only)

Pre-Game Announcements/Starting Line-Up/National Anthem 

In Game Music During Half-Innings (Clean Music Only)
Script Used/Sponsorship Announcements Included  
In Game Position Change Announcements

Game Announcing Form Provided for Roster, Starting Line-Up,

and Walk Up Songs for Each Player

Consultation in Person/By Phone w/League/School/Hiring Party

Drive Time, Delivery, Set-Up, and Take Down(San Diego County)
Arrival Time for Set-Up 2 Hours Before Game Time
Prep Time to Make and Customize All Walk-Up Songs is
2 Hours per Team Roster Included-Printed Line-Up Cards-
Announcing is for both Teams-No Favoritism (Little League Only)
High School/College/Professional Favors Home Team 
Season Contracts Available:10 or More Games $400 per Game
Single Game Investment: $450





Steve Eicher "gets the call" and announces high school baseball at Petco Park. Santana vs Monte Vista. April 18, 2015. 


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